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  • 2022/8: Gao group moved to Texas A&M University.

  • 2021/4: Arman Ghasemi received University Life Award and was selected as the COE outstanding graduate student, Congratulations.

  • 2021/4: Rohan and Colton defensed their Master thesis, Congratulations!

  • 2020/12: Prof. Wei Gao received NSF CAREER Award!

  • 2020/8: Arman's paper on phase transition of monolayer MoTe2 is published in EML. 

  • 2020/8: Welcome Daniel Millan joining our group as a Phd student.

  • 2020/6: Welcome Alberto Samaniego joining our group as a Master student.

  • 2020/3: Sagar Pate defensed his Master thesis on nanomechanics of bone, Congratulations!

  • 2019/12: Arman's manuscript is accepted by JMPS, which provides a new theoretical method to predict the energy barrier of phase transition. 

  • 2019/8: Our research on phase transition of 2D TMDC materials is funded by NSF. 

  • 2019/8: We received funding from CPS Energy to develop an Autonomous Soft Robotic Solar Tracking System. 


  • 2019/7: Our research on nanomechanics of bone is funded by NIH R01 which is led by Prof. Xiaodu Wang. 

  • 2018/11: Arman passed proposal defense, congratulations!


  • 2018/4: Prof. Wei Gao gave a seminar at UT Health Science Center at San Antonio on "Nanomechanics and Application for Biomaterials". 

  • 2017/9: Prof. Wei Gao received UTSA GREAT Award. 

  • 2016/8: Welcome Arman Ghasemi joining our group as a Phd student.

  • 2016/8: Gao research group starts at UTSA.


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